Emil and Gabriele Herz Family Seder

At our seder each year we are reminded of the exodus of Jews from Egypt and in parallel we can remember the exodus of our own family, still in living memory, from Germany.

Despite being scattered over the earth we come together to celebrate, commemorate and mourn.

Even as we celebrate, many people are trying to escape current wars and catastrophes. In what we hope will be an ongoing Passover tradition we would like to contribute as a clan, in addition to anything we do individually, to help make the world a safer place.

The Haggadah tells us to let all who are hungry come and eat— we want to honour this tradition with our second annual Emil and Gabriele Herz Family Fund to contribute to relevant causes during Pesach.

This year we have chosen American Jewish World Service. AJWS a Jewish organization working to promote human rights and end poverty in the developing world. This organization supports more than 500 social justice groups in 19 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean that are working to end genocides, protect the dignity of women and LGBT people, defend access to indigenous people’s land and water, and much more.

Right now, AJWS is working with 487 grantee organizations around the world to work to stop the spread of COVID-19. The pandemic is an existential threat to the vulnerable people who depend on AJWS across Africa, Asia, Central America and the Caribbean. COVID-19 is threatening the lives and livelihoods of some of the world’s most vulnerable people, causing displacement and death in all 19 of the countries where AJWS works.

We hope that you’ll join us in this additional way of being together this Passover season, joyful in the knowledge that we are helping some of the people who need it most.

American Jewish World Service (AJWS) is the leading Jewish organization working to promote human rights and end poverty in the developing world. All funds donated through personal fundraising pages go to support our mission and programs wherever the need is greatest.

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