Who We Are

American Jewish World Service (AJWS) is the leading Jewish organization working to promote human rights and end poverty in the developing world.

What We Do

For the past 30 years, AJWS has provided more than $270 million to thousands of grassroots and global social justice organizations striving to effect change on critical human rights issues. AJWS currently grants $39.5 million to 550 groups focused in 19 countries. And across the U.S. and on Capitol Hill, we mobilize our supporters to advocate for laws and policies that promote human rights and strengthen our efforts to combat poverty, oppression and injustice worldwide.

Our Issues

Advancing Sexual Health and Rights
We support women, girls and LGBT people so that they can stop violence and discrimination, gain control over their lives and bodies, and live with dignity, safety and health.

Promoting Civil and Political Rights
We aid communities in their work to recover from conflict, speak out against injustice, pursue equitable laws and create peaceful societies that respect the rights of all citizens.

Defending Access to Food, Land and Water
We empower communities to protest exploitative development projects conducted without their consent and to protect the land, water and natural resources that they depend on for survival.

Ending Child Marriage
We seek to end the practice of child marriage so that girls can determine their own futures.

Responding to Disasters
We provide immediate humanitarian relief and long-term support to build more equitable societies in the wake of disasters.

Why We Promote Human Rights

AJWS strives to overcome the root causes of poverty and oppression by supporting grassroots organizations and social movements for justice in developing countries. Our grantees advocate for people’s rights—to live without violence, to have a say in the laws that govern society and to express one’s religion, culture, sexual orientation or gender identity. We believe that realizing human rights is the essential first step to creating just societies. When people are empowered to shape solutions to the problems they face, they can overcome poverty, live with dignity and transform the lives of others. Additionally, we believe that promoting human rights is a way to act on the Jewish traditions of repairing the world and respecting the inherent dignity of all human beings.

Help Us Make A Difference

Join the AJWS community and start a fundraising campaign to support our life-saving work around the globe. Whatever you do—honor a loved one, celebrate a birthday or run a marathon—you’ll be helping fight poverty and promote human rights in the developing world. Check out our Fundraising Resources for tips and ideas.

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