Call on the Biden Administration to Immediately Prioritize Global Human Rights

The Biden Administration has taken office during an unprecedented time, as U.S. foreign policy has not only failed to promote justice, equity and a healthy planet, but has often worked against them. In the first 100 days of this presidency, the Biden Administration should show the world that the United States is once again a global leader, by committing to defend human rights and fight poverty, slow climate change and stand up to acts of injustice around the world.

We’re asking you to join us in calling on the new administration to ensure that U.S. foreign policy advances justice for all.

Use your voice and act on our Jewish value of repairing the world! Urge the Biden Administration to set the course for foreign policy that brings us closer to a more just world for the most vulnerable communities.

Dear President Biden and Vice President Harris,

We write today to congratulate you on your recent election and to urge you to pursue foreign policy in your first 100 days and over the course of your administration that prioritizes the human rights and dignity of the most vulnerable people.

As Jews and global citizens committed to justice, we urge you, as President and Vice President, to adopt the following progressive human rights agenda for our country:

  • Stand up to authoritarianism at home and around the world
  • Defend persecuted racial, ethnic and religious minority groups
  • Fight for the rights of women, girls and LGBTQI+ people
  • Protect the environment and take steps to stop climate change
  • Ensure that the U.S. deploys a robust and just international response to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Reestablish U.S. global cooperation

Defending justice and human rights around the world is a powerful responsibility—one that we look to you to uphold on behalf of our nation. We would like to see the United States at the forefront of a progressive vision for repairing the brokenness in our world. Together, we can build a more just world for the most vulnerable among us.


[Your Name]