Tell Congress: Protect democracy in Burma

A year after the military coup in Burma, millions of people continue to live in fear. The military junta overthrew the country’s fledgling democracy — and since then, has tortured, arrested and murdered thousands of activists and civilians, crushing all opposition to its brutal rule.

We’ve had to do our work in Burma quietly this year to protect the activists we support who are risking their lives to defend their democracy, but now they’re asking for your help.

Ask your Representatives to sign the Burma Act, and take decisive action to support the people of Burma as they confront and resist the violent military regime.

The BURMA Act will impose powerful sanctions on the junta, hold the regime accountable for its atrocities and send humanitarian assistance to families caught in the crosshairs of this devastating crisis. But it has to pass first. Take a moment to email your members of Congress and urge them to co-sponsor and pass this life-saving legislation.

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