Speak Out Against the Rohingya Genocide

Through an organized campaign of rape, torture and murder, and the destruction of entire villages, the Burmese armed forces are trying to annihilate the Rohingya people of Burma—simply because of their ethnic and religious identity. As Jews and global citizens, we can’t look the other way in the face of genocide. We know from our own history of oppression that silence is unacceptable. We must act for justice.

Representatives Engel and Chabot just introduced a bill in the U.S. House of Representatives called the Burma United through Rigorous Military Accountability Act of 2019 (the BURMA Act, H.R. 3190), a crucial piece of legislation that will help the Rohingya people in this desperate time. The bill authorizes humanitarian assistance for refugees, holds Burmese military officials accountable for their crimes via economic sanctions and visa denials, and calls for international justice for the Rohingya people, and builds on the momentum from the Senate’s legislation introduced in April.

Speak out now! Please email your Representative today, asking them to stand with the Rohingya people by supporting this critical bill. We must stand up as Jews to stop this genocide unfolding in our midst.

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